Polyester Grosgrain (GBP per 100m)
Grosgrain(GBP per 100 metres, minimum)
Put-up on 100m and/or 20m reels, please see below for order/shade options.
This Grosgrain is made from the finest polyester fibre. It has a vibrant "sheen" appearance

The following shades are available in bulk make-up(100m) and 20m reels .
Black 9725, White 9401, Ivory 9607, Chocolate 9669. Donkey 9650, Navy 9590, Red 9325, Forest 9871.
All other shades are offered on 20m reels only

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Grosgrain sheen

Width 100m to 400m 500m+

"Buy-now" option for
bulk/whole reel orders
(Discounts available on bulk orders).

6mm From 18.36 per 100m Discounted HERE
10mm From 20.88 per 100m HERE
16mm From 22.65 per 100m HERE
25mm From 32.28 per 100m HERE
40mm From 48.11 per 100m HERE

Rainbow Grosgrain Ribbon

Rainbow Ribbon

  100 to 900m
( £ GBP per 100)
( £ GBP per 100)

"Buy-now" option for
bulk/wholesale orders

15mm 31.50 Discounted
25mm 39.20
35mm 58.60

This woven Rainbow Grosgrain Ribbon is supplied on 20m reels(minimum order 60m)
in 15mm, 25mm & 35mm widths.

The minimum order is 60m, then in increments 20m. This item could be supplied in cut-lengths.
(minimums begining at approx 500pcs would apply).

We always recommend thorough suitability tests are conducted prior to proceeding to manufacture.
We are trade suppliers and are ALWAYS prepared to discuss discounts against bulk order enquires.
If the item/option you require is not listed please contact us with details of your requirement. 


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