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Acetate satin, Cut, fused-edge ribbon

Acetate satin, Cut, fused-edge ribbon with personalised printing

Acrylic cord

Acrylic/Polyester Twill

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive backed Standard Hook & Loop fastener

Adhesive backed Velcro®

Aluminium zip

All Plastic ; Plastic-spring "wet-use" cord locks

Anti-choke" Lanyard break-away clip

Anti-tangle apron tape

Apron-tape, anti-tangle


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Bag clips, Magnetic 

Bag handle webbing

Ball ends, plastic

Belt buckle, metal

Belt/Webbing end

Bench-top, industrial sewing machine

Beading thread

Bias bindings

Bias binding, Cotton

Bias binding, Poly/Cotton


Binding, Centre fold flag/bunting tape

Blind cord

Blind hemming thread (monofilament)

Blind hemming thread (c/f)

Blue polypropylene rope

Bobbins (domestic)

Bobbins (Industrial)

Bobbins, pre-wound

Bobbin winder

Bodice & Corset busks

Bonded nylon thread

Bonded polyester thread (UV Stabilised)

Bones, Spiral

Boning (metal)

Boning (plastic), twill covered

Boning (polyester)

Bones, Cut-length, Plastic-covered metal

Bookmark tassels

Boot lacing hooks

Boot laces

Bows, ribbon

Bow tie fastener (19mm)

Bow tie fastener (6mm)

Brass eyelet

Brass zip

Braid end-tag

Braided elastic (round)

Braided elastic (flat)

Break-away clip, "Anti-choke" Lanyard

Breather-eyelets, metal

Breather-eyelets, plastic

Bridal boning

Bridal eyelets

Bridal net (dress)

Buckle, metal belt

Buckle, Cam, Plastic 

Buckle, side release ,plastic

Buckle, flat plastic front-release

Buckle, waistcoat


Bulk orders 

Bulked polyester thread

Bungee cord

Bungee cord fittings

Bunting tape, centre-fold


Button coverers

Button hole elastic

Button, Jeans

Button parts

Buy-now, small/sample order option


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Calendar cord, twisted rayon

Cam buckle, Plastic 

Candy-Twist cord, 5mm High-Luster 

Care symbols & instructions

Case cord, twisted rayon

Celebration ribbon, Baby

Centre-fold bunting tape

Centre fold elastic binding

Chain zip


Charity/Sympathy ribbons

Checked ribbon

Checked ribbon, Candy

Christmas items

Clear thread

Clearance ~~ Bulk orders

Clearance goods

Clear plastic sew-on popfastener

Closed end zip

Clip, Dungaree


Coathangering tape

Coins, Self Adhesive Hook & Loop

Coins, Velcro®  

Coloured elastic, 2mm round

Coloured elastic, 5mm flat

Conversion tables

Concealed zips


Cord, Acrylic

Cord Bell-end, plastic

Cord, Cotton

Cord, Pre-tied loops

Cord/rope/webbing cutter (Hot-Knife)

Cord end, Golf-ball type, plastic

Cord end, Transparent

Cord, Nylon

Cord, Rat-tail

Cord, Unbleached Cotton

Cord lock, Dinky

Cord lock, Double hole

Cord locks, Geared

Cord locks, Mini, plastic

Cord locks, plastic

Cord, Polypropylene 4mm

Cord, rayon tassels

Cord, tubular polyester, 6mm

Corded elastic

Corset busks & components


Cotton bias binding

Cotton cord, Mercerised

Cotton items

Cotton piping

Cotton, Polyester corespun thread

Cotton tape, standard

Cotton twill tape, standard 

Cotton twill tape, heavy

Coverseam thread

Cravat fastener

Cross stitch needles


Curtain eyelets

Curtain Tape

Cut-edge acetate satin ribbon

Cut-edge acetate satin ribbon with personalised printing 

Cycle short elastic

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"D" rings, Metal

"D" rings, Plastic

Dickie bow tie fasteners (19mm)

Dickie bow tie fasteners (6mm)

Dinky, cord lock


Display & exhibition Nylon Loop fabric

Dog-Collar style, Pyramid stud

Dome cap rivet set

Dome cordlock

Domestic bobbins

Domestic machine motor kit. 

Domestic sewing machine needles

Double hole cord lock

Double-sided satin ribbon

Double strength elastic

Double tubular rivets

Draw cord

Dress hanger tape

Dress net

Dressmakers pencils

Dressmakers pins(straight)

Dressmakers pins(plastic head)

Dressmakers scissors

Dress zips

Dungaree clip

Duvet tape (Snap/Poppa-tape)

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Elastic loops

Elastic loops/bows, Pre-tied metallic

Elastic, luggage-tag

Elastic binding, center fold

Elastic, Coloured

Elastic rings, Menu/folder

Elasticated luggage hooks

Elasticated luggage spiders

Embroidery scissors

Embroidery scissors, Machine


ESCP m120

ESPP m120

Escp m75

ESPP m75

ESS m120

Eyelet hand tools


Eyelets, 4mm internal

Eyelets, 5mm internal

Eyelets, 6mm internal

Eyelets, 7.5mm internal

Eyelets, 9mm internal

Eyelets, 10mm internal

Eyelets, 12mm internal

Eyelets, 16mm internal

Eyelets, 40mm internal

Eyelets, Breather metal

Eyelets, Breather plastic

Eyelets, plastic

Eyelets, Stainless Steel

Eyelet press, KPR1

Exhibition Nylon Loop fabric

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Firefly, flame-retardant treated thread

Flanged piping cord

Flat elastic

Flat plastic front-release buckle

Fluorescent items

Fluorescent ribbon

Folder/Menu, elastic rings

Folder tassels

Footpress, KPR1

Fusible tape

Fusible interfacing / interlining.

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Geared Cord locks

General Items

Gingham (Micro-check) ribbon

Glacé polyester / cotton corespun thread

Glass-headed pin 48mm(0.8mm)

Glittered ribbon

Gold braid

Gold cord

Gold edge satin ribbon

Gold ribbon

Gold rigilene

Gold roses

Gold shirring elastic

Gold thread

Golf-ball type, plastic cord end


Gripper elastic

Gripper waistbanding


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Hand tools, Eyelet

Hanging label / Swing Ticket  cord

Hanging tape

Heart Sheer stripe ribbon

Heavy cotton twill tape

Heavy duty popfastener

Hemming tape

Hemming thread (clear)

Hemming thread (colours)

Hemp rope, Synthetic

High-Luster Candy-Twist cord, 5mm 

Hinge sets, industrial sewing machine. 

Hole (6) punch, revolving

Holly, Metallic printed ribbon

Holly & Merry Christmas, Metallic printed ribbon


Hooks, lacing

Hook and Bar, Skirt 

Hook and Bar, Trouser

Hook ends for elastic luggage straps

Hook & eye

Hook & eye tape

Hook & loop coins, Self Adhesive 

Hook & loop fastener, standard

Hook & Loop fastener standard, Adhesive backed

Hook & Loop : Display & exhibition Nylon Loop fabric 

Hook & loop, Velcro ®

Horse Hair (polyester) tape


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Industrial flatbed machine bobbins

Industrial sewing machine bench-top 

Industrial sewing machine motor

Industrial sewing machine 'z' stand

Interfacing, fusible & non-fusible

Interlining : Heavy-weight White ; Cut widths on roll

Invisible thread

Invisible zip

Iron-on interfacing

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Jeans button

Jean rivet

Jean thread

Jean zip

Joining clip, Single use Tape/Ribbon

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Kick tape


Knife blades, straight

Knife blades, rotary

Knife, Hot (webbing/cord/rope cutter)

Kimbel(Kimball) gun

Kimbel(Kimball)needles & tags

Knitted polyester elastic


KPF2 (Heavy duty eyelet footpress)

KPR1 (eyelet & popfastener press)

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Lacing hooks

Lacing cord

Ladder lock, plastic

Lamé, Metallic ribbon,

Lanyard break-away, Anti-choke clip

Leather hole (6) punch, revolving

Left handed cutting-out scissors

Legal stuff

Light-weight open-ended nylon zip

Linen tape

Liquid Metallic ribbon

Little Dreamer

Loops, Luggage elastic

Loops, Pre-tied cord

Luggage-tag elastic

Luggage elastic hook ends

Luggage elastic loops

Luggage spiders

Lurex ribbon

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m120, ESCP, Standard industrial economy sewing thread

m120, ESPP, Highest quality poly/poly corespun standard industrial sewing thread

m25's, Heavy duty thread

m75, ESCP, Heavy duty economy industrial sewing thread

m75, ESPP, Highest quality poly/poly corespun heavy duty industrial sewing thread

Machine brushes

Machine embroidery scissors

Machine motor, Industrial,

Machine motor kit, Domestic

Machine needles(domestic)

Machine needles(Industrial)

Machine oil (E10), Standard industrial Sewing  


Magnetic bag closures

Medium weight nylon zip

Menu/folder elastic rings

Menu tassels

Mercerised Cotton cord,

Merry Christmas & Holly, Metallic printed ribbon

Metal belt buckle

Metal breather eyelets

Metal "D" rings

Metal bones, Cut-length, Plastic-covered

Metal boning

Metal snap-hook

Metal zip

Metallic braid

Metallic cord

Metallic elastic

Metallic elastic, round 1.2mm

Metallic elastic, round 1.5mm

Metallic elastic, round 1.7mm

Metallic, Holly printed ribbon

Metallic, Merry Christmas & Holly ribbon

Metallic, Lamé

Metallic, Liquid(ribbon)

Metallic Olde England print ribbon

Metallic pre-tied elastic loops/bows

Metallic rigilene

Metallic shirring

Metallic thread

Metallic, Tramlines ribbon

Micro-check (Gingham) ribbon

Micro-dot ribbon

Mini cord locks, plastic


Molded plastic zips

Miscellaneous items

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National ribbons

Natural, unbleached Cotton Cord


Needles(domestic machine)

Needles(industrial machine)

Net (Dress)

Net (Veiling)


Nickel free press fastener

Nylon "High Lustre" Cord

Nylon Loop fabric

Nylon net

Nylon tape

Nylon thread

Nylon toggle, White

Nylon Velvet Ribbon

Nylon zip, Lightweight

Nylon zip, Medium weight

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Oil (E10), Standard industrial Sewing Machine

Olde England metallic print ribbon

Open-ended light-weight nylon zip

Order of service tassels

Organdie ribbon

Organdie ribbon, glitter

Organdie ribbon, metallic

Organdie ribbon, Soft

Overlocking thread

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Packaging tape

Packaging tape gun

Paper Raffia ribbon

Pearl-headed stainless steel fine(0.4mm) pin


Personalised printed cut-edge acetate satin ribbon

Pinking shears


Pin, Glass-headed 48mm (0.8mm)

Pins "T", Nickel Plated Hardened Steel

Pins, Safety 

Piping cord

Plastic ball ends

Plastic boning, twill covered

Plastic breather eyelets

Plastic cam buckle

Plastic cord ends

Plastic cord locks 

Plastic-covered metal bones, Cut-length

Plastic ' D ' rings

Plastic eyelets

Plastic front-release buckle, flat

Plastic ladder lock

Plastic Lockable side release buckle

Plastic piping

Plastic popfastener

Plastic rectangular ring

Plastic Rivet

Plastic sew-on clear popfastener

Plastic Self-lock Shock cord hook

Plastic side release buckles

Plastic snap hook

Plastic-spring "wet-use" cord locks

Plastic Tri-Glide

Plastic zip

Plush elastic

Polka dot ribbon

Poly/Acrylic Twill tape

Poly/Cotton Bias binding

Polyester Boning

Polyester-Cotton corespun thread

Polyester cuffing

Polyester elastic

Polyester Faille

Polyester Grosgrain

Polyester kick tape

Polyester Seam binding

Polyester tape

Polyester thread

Polyester thread, Bonded

Polypropylene binding

Polypropylene cord, 4mm

Polypropylene elastic

Polypropylene rope, Blue

Polypropylene/Rubber piping

Polypropylene webbing

Poppa-tape, Duvet tape (Snap-tape)


Popfastener Press

Popfastener Pliers

Premium menu tassel

Press fastener, Nickel free


Press prices

Pre-tied cord loops

Pre-tied metallic elastic loops/bows

Pre-wound bobbins

Printed ribbon, cut-edge acetate

Promotional goods

Pyramid "Dog-Collar" stud

Punch, 6 hole revolving

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Raffia, Paper ribbon

Rainbow ribbon

Rainbow webbing

Rat-tail cord

Rayon cord, twisted 

Rayon elastic (rolls)

Rayon elastic (boards)

Rayon tassels

Raw rubber tension-tape

Reflective tape

Rectangular ring, plastic

Reinforcing rivet, jeans

Retro reflective tape

Revolving 6 hole punch.


Ribbon, Happy Birthday

Ribbon bows

Ribbon, Checked

Ribbon, cut-edge acetate satin

Ribbon, Ditto

Ribbon, Festive stripe

Ribbon, Fluorescent

Ribbon, Metallic Holly print

Ribbon, Metallic Liquid

Ribbon, Metallic Lamé,

Ribbon, Metallic Olde England print

Ribbon, Micro-dot

Ribbons, National,

Ribbon, Organdie

Ribbon, Polka dot

Ribbon, Printed, cut-edge acetate

Ribbon roses

Ribbon, Rustic Taffeta

Ribbon, Satin edge sheer ribbon

Ribbon, Sheer stripe Heart

Ribbon, striped

Ribbons, Sympathy

Ribbon/Tape joining clip, Single use.

Ribbon, Tartan

Ribbon, Valentines

Ribbon, Velvet

Ribbon, Wire-mesh

Ribbon, Woven edge


Rigilene, Metallic

Ring spring popfastener

Rings, elastic Menu/folder

Rivets, Double tubular

Rivet, jeans

Rivet, Plastic

Rivets,Tubular Steel-based

Rope/webbing/cord/ cutter (Hot-Knife)

Rope, blue polypropylene

Rope, Synthetic hemp

Roses, ribbon

Round elastic

Round Metallic elastic, 3mm

Round plastic popfastener

Rubber tension-tape

Rustic Taffeta ribbon

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Safety Pins

Sail eyelet

Sales tax

Satin bias binding

Satin ribbon

Satin ribbon with wire edge

Satin ribbon, cut-edge acetate 

Satin ribbon, cut-edge acetate with personalised printing 

Satin edge ribbon, Sheer 

Satin ribbon, silver edge

Schmetz needles

Scalpel type craft knife kit.


Seam rippers

Seatbelt-type webbing

Self adhesive stars

Self-lock Shock cord hook, plastic

Semi-concealed zips

Sew-in D ring

Sew-in interfacing / interlining

Sew-on clear plastic popfastener

Sewing needles (hand)

Sewing needles (domestic machine)

Sewing needles (industrial machine)

Sewing thread

Sewing thread stands


Shears, Pinking

Sheer, Satin edge ribbon

Sheer stripe Heart ribbon

Sheer, organdie ribbon

Shirring elastic

Shock cord

Shock cord 25 metre pack

Shock cord self-lock bungee cord hook, Plastic

Shoe laces

Shoulder pads

Side release buckles, plastic

Side release buckle: Plastic Lockable

Single use Tape/Ribbon joining clip

Single use plastic rivet

Silicon spray

Silver braid

Silver cord

Silver edge satin ribbon

Silver ribbon

Silver rigilene

Silver roses

Silver thread

Single use rivet

Single use stud

Size labels

Ski boot lacing hook

Skirt Hook and Bar 

Skirt waistband adjuster

Small/sample order site

Snap fasteners

Snap-hook, metal

Snap hook, plastic

Snap-tape, Poppa-tape, Duvet tape



Soft acrylic Cord

Softback elastic

Soft-feel shears

Special offers

Spiders, Elasticated luggage

Spiral bones

Spot-on's, Velcro®  

Spring loaded cord locks

Stainless Steel Eyelets

Stainless steel, Pearl-headed fine(0.4mm) pin

Standard cotton twill tape

Standard Hook & Loop fastener

Stand, Sewing machine

Standard industrial Sewing Machine Oil (E10)

Stands, Sewing thread

Stars, self adhesive

Stay tape

Steel-based Tubular Rivets

Straight knife blades

Stitch types

Stretch Velcro®

Striped ribbon

Stud, Nail head


Swing Ticket / Hanging label cord

Sylko alternative

Sympathy/Charity ribbons

Synthetic hemp rope

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All prices shown on this site are in GBP pounds sterling.

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"T" Bar fitting (cord or elastic ends)

"T" Pins, Nickel Plated Hardened Steel

Taffeta ribbon, Rustic

Tagging gun(Kimble gun)

Tagging gun needles


Tailors chalk

Tape gun

Tape/webbing ends, 25mm Steel based

Tape, retro-reflective

Tape/Ribbon joining clip, Single use


Tapestry needles

Tape measures

Tartan Ribbon

Tassels, Bookmark

Tassels, Menu/folder


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Tension-tape, Rubber

Transparent cord end


Thread clippers

Thread consumption guide

Thread, Firefly, flame retarded

Thread snips

Thread stands

Ticket cord, twisted rayon

Toggles, plastic

Toggle, White nylon

Touch & close fastener

Trading terms

Tramlines, Metallic printed ribbon

Tre-Cerchi, (Sylko replacement)

Triangular capped cord end

Tricolor, National ribbons

Tri-Glide, plastic

Trouser Hook and Bar

Trouser kick tape

Trouser zip

Tubular polyester cord, 6mm

Tubular Rivets

Tubular rivets, double


Twill tape, Poly/Acrylic

Twill cotton tape

Twill covered plastic boning

Twisted rayon cord

Two tone ribbon

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Unbleached Cotton Cord


UV Stabilised thread, Bonded polyester.

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Valentines ribbon

Value Added Tax


Veil edging

Velcro® alternative, Standard

Velcro® Self adhesive coins, 

For Velcro : Display & exhibition Nylon Loop fabric 

Velcro ® hook & loop

Velvet Ribbon

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Waistcoat buckles


Webbing/Belt end

Webbing/cord/rope cutter (Hot-Knife)

Webbing, "Seatbelt-type"

Webbing/Tape end, 25mm Steel based

Webbing, polypropylene

Webbing, Rainbow

Wedding Car Ribbon

White nylon toggle

Wire edge metallic organdie ribbon

Wire edge satin ribbon

Wire-mesh Ribbon

Woven edge ribbon

Woven elastic

Wrexham Rugby Union Football Club

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Xmas items


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Z stand


Zip tag

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1.2mm metallic elastic

1.5mm metallic elastic

1.7mm metallic elastic

100mm Woven Ribbon

21878 Premium menu tassel

2mm round coloured elastic

3mm round coloured elastic


3mm Round Metallic elastic

40264 Industrial Bobbins

42993, Reflective & Fluorescent Grosgrain


44,(S), Invisible zip



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