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Nylon Velvet Ribbon (GBP per reel)

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B range. B range.
velvet ribbon velvet ribbon
* = 9, 16 & 22mm Generally available
# = 9, 16, 22, 36 & 50mm Generally available
All other shades Subject to quoted leadtime
Width Reel Sizes/Minimum order 1 - 2 Reels
(GBP per 100m)
3 reels +
"Buy-now" option for bulk/whole reel orders(Discounts available on bulk orders).
9mm 10+150m/150m From 41.34 Discounts
9mm HERE
16mm 10m+100m/100m From 49.40 16mm HERE
22mm 10m+75m/75m From 70.28 22mm HERE
36mm 10m+50m/50m From 94.44 36mm HERE
50mm 10m+50m/50m From 123.32 50mm HERE
Product code = VELRIB1025 + "size" + "colour"
Washable, crease resistant 100% nylon velvet ribbon
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